Ice Maker

Ice Maker
  • Ice Maker
Product name : Ice Maker
Product No. : FF-E 5T-50T
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>> Ico making theory   >> Form of ice   >>Computer's control system

>>Dimensions without packing


Model Dimensions Without packing
FF5E 1150mm 1850mm 1250mm
FF10E 1150mm 1850mm 1800mm
FF15E 1150mm 1850mm 2200mm
FF20E 1800mm 2700mm 2100mm
FF25E 1800mm 2700mm 2400mm
FF30E 1800mm 2700mm 2600mm
FF35E 2135mm 3100mm 2700mm
FF40E 2135mm 3100mm 2700mm
FF50E 2135mm 3100mm 3300mm


>>parameters of technology
Model ice capacity/24hours Cooled capacity gear motor power water pump power voltage Water demand Intake is diameter  Drain is diameter Net weight
FF5E 5T 28KW 370W 65W 380V/50/3 208L/H 3/4¡åGAS §æ21mm 1200kg
FF10E 10T 55KW 370W 65W 380V/50/3 417L/H 3/4¡åGAS §æ21mm 1400kg
FF15E 15T 82KW 370W 250W 380V/50/3 625L/H 3/4¡åGAS §æ21mm 2000kg
FF20E 20T 110KW 750W 250W 380V/50/3 832L/H 2X1"GAS §æ38mm 3000kg
FF25E 25T 137KW 750W 250W 380V/50/3 1042L/H 2X1"GAS §æ38mm 3500kg
FF30E 30T 164KW 750W 250W 380V/50/3 1250L/H 2X1"GAS §æ38mm 4000kg
FF35E 35T 192KW 750W 370W 380V/50/3 1458L/H 2X1"GAS §æ38mm 4800kg
FF40E 40T 219KW 750W 370W 380V/50/3 1667L/H 2X1"GAS §æ38mm 5000kg
FF50E 50T 274KW 750W 370W 380V/50/3 2083L/H 2X1"GAS §æ38mm 5500kg