Ice Maker

Ice Maker
  • Ice Maker
Product name : Ice Maker
Product No. : FF-AS 5T-15T
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>> Ico making theory   >> Form of ice   >>Computer's control system

>>Dimensions without packing


Model Dimensions Without packing
FF5AS 2100mm 1850mm 1250mm
FF10AS 2100mm 1850mm 1800mm
FF15As 2100mm 2000mm 2200mm


>>parameters of technology
Model Ice capacity/24hours condenser Gear Motor Power water pump Power cooled capacity voltage Water demand Intake is diameter  Drain is diameter Net weight condenser weight
FF5AS 5T Air-cooled 370W 65KW 28KW 380V/50/3 208L/H 3/4¡åGAS §æ21mm 1500kg 250kg
FF10AS 10T Air-cooled 370W 65KW 55KW 380V/50/3 417L/H 3/4¡åGAS §æ21mm 2500kg 450kg
FF15AS 15T Air-cooled 370W 250KW 82KW 380V/50/3 626L/H 3/4¡åGAS §æ21mm 3500kg 600kg