Ice Maker

Ice Maker
  • Ice Maker
Product name : Ice Maker
Product No. : G-SC 70KGS-350KGS
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>> Ico making theory   >> Form of ice   >>Computer's control system

>>Dimensions without packing


Model Bin Capacity Dimensions Without packing
G70SC 30kg 585mm 615mm 1135mm
G100SC 35kg 585mm 615mm 1135mm
G130SC 40kg 585mm 615mm 1135mm


130kg 850mm 900mm 1230mm
G350SC 140kg 850mm 900mm 1230mm


>>parameters of technology
Model Max Prod condenser power Current draw wring volatage Water Cons Intake is diameter Drain is diameter Net weight
G70SC 70kg air-cooled 250W 2A 3¡Á1mm 220V/50/1 2.9L/H 3/4¡åGAS §æ21mm 66kg
G100SC 100kg air-cooled 380W 2.2A 3¡Á1mm 220V/50/1 4.2L/H 3/4¡åGAS §æ21mm 68kg
G130SC 130kg air-cooled 480W 2.8A 3¡Á1mm 220V/50/1 5.4L/H 3/4¡åGAS §æ21mm 70kg
G250SC 250kg Air-cooled 870W 4A 3X1.5mm 220V/50/1 10.5L/H 3/4¡åGAS §æ21mm 120kg
G350SC 350kg Air-cooled 1060W 4.9A 3X1.5mm 220V/50/1 14.5L/H 3/4¡åGAS §æ21mm 130kg