Reusable Temperature Data Logger/ Recorder

Reusable Temperature Data Logger/ Recorder
  • Reusable Temperature Data Logger/ Recorder
Product name : Reusable Temperature Data Logger/ Recorder
Product No. : RC-51
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Reusable Temperature Data Logger/ Recorder RC-51

The product is mainly used by repeated temperature monitoring and recording in storage and transportation environment of foodstuff and medicine, such as refrigeration packages, refrigerator cars, containers, etc.

It can be connected to a computer as a USB flash disk and outputs record data in AI report. It can also connected to a computer via USB interface for data communication. It is equipped with built-in temperature probe. On the back of the recorder is pasted serial number and barcode, convenient to be scanned.


Technical parameter:

Power supply:ER14250(Typically one year. It can be replaced by 3.6V lithium battery.);
Temperature measuring range:-30~70/22~158;
Temperature accuracy:±0.5/0.9(-20~40),±1/1.8(others);

Sensor:built-in NTC;
Record capacity: 32000points(Max),support data cycle and cover;
Display type:multifunction keyboard;
Operation mode:multifunction LCD, status indicator;
Operation mode:multifunction keyboard;
Alarm range:high/low temperature alarm setting /multiple alarm setting (5 wire 6 area);
Alarm type:unitary/cumulative;
Communication type: USB2.0;
Operating system:WIN XP/VISTA/7/8/MAC(It does not support upper computer operation but only AI report view in MAC system);
Water-proof level:IP65