Temperature Data Logger

Temperature Data Logger
  • Temperature Data Logger
Product name : Temperature Data Logger
Product No. : DR-210A
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Temperature Data Logger DR-210A


Elitech Temperature Data Logger DR-21OA  is a two-way temperature and humidity recorder with one way temperature and one way humidity. Products of this series are widely used in industries of foodstuff, medicine and cold chain transportation  and other industries in conformity with HACCP system certification.



+ One way temperature and one way humidity measurement and record, with a wide temperature range and wide application.

+ Reserved RS485 interface and mini printer interface, with flexible expansion, meet the customers demand on local or long distance data management.

+ Matched with host data-processing software, for customers' convenience to set, view or print the data.

+ USB port.

+Accordance with HACCP System Certification and related medical industry standard.



+ Power supply: 12VAC/DC or 24VAC/DC, 220VAC optional; with rechargeable backup batteries;

+ Temperature measuring range:-50-120;

+ Temperature accuracy: ±0.5(-30-20);

±1-40--30or 20-70;


+ Huimidity measuring range: 0-95%RH;

+ Huimidity accuracy: (@25°():±5%RH;

(@10°(-40):0-59%RH:±6%RH (MAX); 60-95%RH: ±8%RH (MAX);

+ Display Resolution: 0.1;

+ Recording cycle: 1min-24hours continuously set;

+ Recording capacity: each 13,000 points (MAX);

+Alarm relay output contact capacity: 1ON220VAC .



+ Mounting size: 131.5*131.5 (mm)

+ Product size: 144*144 *33 (mm)