Suction Line Accumulators

Suction Line Accumulators
  • Suction Line Accumulators
Product name : Suction Line Accumulators
Product No. : FTQ-207
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 CE Certified Suction Line Accumulator FTQ-204

1. CE approved.

2. low cost

3. Corrosion resistant painting

4. Max working pressure: 3.1mpa.



In refrigeration circulatory system, the refrigerant must be gasified before it returns to the compressor. So before the refrigerant enters into the compressor, the gas and liquid must be separated, let the gas refrigerant enter into the compressor, and the compressor won’t be suffered by liquid beat. The liquid refrigerant will be evaporated slowly in the engine body, after evaporated it can be enter into the compressor. Between the evaporator and the suction gas tube of the compressor, connected a suction line accumulator, then the gas and liquid can be separated completely, it is the function of suction line accumulator.

The gas from the evaporator is not completely gas, after pass the expansion of the suction line accumulator, the gas will return to compress from the gas outlet tube. The residual refrigeration oil in the system will gathered at the bottom of the suction line accumulator, in order to let the residual refrigeration oil in the system, return to the compressor, at the bottom of the return air tube in the suction line accumulator, there is a return oil hole, when the oil level is full, and reach to the return oil hole, it will come back to the compressor, together with the gas refrigerant. Because of the suction line accumulator’s protection, the compressor can use longer, and the system circulation can be more normally.


Technical datas: 
1.Refrigerant: R22/R134a/R404A/R407C/R502/R507 
2.Medium temperature: -40 to 120.
3.Max working pressure: 3100Kpa 
4.Destructive testing reached to 17.5-19 Mpa 
5.The thickness of the paint film: 50 to 80um.