Water proof electric control box

Water proof electric control box
  • Water proof electric control box
Product name : Water proof electric control box
Product No. : ECB-1000
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Water-proof Electrical Control Box ECB-1000

Functions and features:
An electric control box with elegant appearance, which is especially designed for seafood machine and water chiller; Stable performance and easy-to-operate; ABS material with security and water-proof and anti-shake functions. Set parameters can be modified while the device is running. Switch between auto and manual mode. Automatically control to realize alternation between cooling and heating. Compressor startup delay protection.

Product size: 250X190X139mm

Technical parameters:
Compressor working time when sensor error: 0~99 minutes
Compressor end time when sensor error: 0~99 minutes 
Cooling relay output: 10A/220VAC
Heating relay output: 10A/220VAC
Alarm output when Sensor error or exceeding temperature limits: LED flashes
Temperature measuring range: -50~+90oC
Return difference: 1~15oC
Exceeding temperature limit alarm value: 1~15oC
Accuracy of temperature measuring and controlling: ±1oC
Resolution: 0.1
Compressor delay time: 0~9 minutes (Adjustable) 
Temperature calibration: -5~+5oC
Heating type: Heating-pump