Cold room electric control box

Cold room electric control box
  • Cold room electric control box
Product name : Cold room electric control box
Product No. : ECB-3000
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Electric Control Box ECB-3000

Main functions:
An electric control box with reliable performance and complete functions, especially designed for mini-type cold storage. Simple parameter setting and easy-to-operate. ABS material with security and good water-proof ability. Set parameters can be modified when working. Switch between auto and manual mode. Manual operation to control blower fan, compressor and defroster. Compressor startup delay protection. Manual and enforced defrost. Main low voltage components adopt famous manufacturing products home and abroad. High reliability and good water-proof abilities.

◆Product size: 250×190×139 (mm)
Technical parameter:
◆Temperature measuring and controlling range: -50~+110℃
◆Resolution: 0.1℃
◆Return difference: 1~25℃
◆Defrosting time: 0~255 min.
◆Defrosting cycle: 0~120 hours
◆Storage temperature calibration: -10~+10℃
◆Defrosting temperature calibration: -10~+10℃
◆Compressor delay time: 0~50 min.