Plug in panel for cold room

Plug in panel for cold room
  • Plug in panel for cold room
Product name : Plug in panel for cold room
Product No. : 5-7.5cm
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Double sided color coated polyurethane insulation board: it is made of polyurethane foam with outer color steel. It has good heat insulation performance. Our company specializes in producing continuous polyurethane board (plug board), which has the following advantages:

The combination of continuous production method and high quality raw material makes the plate with fine hole, uniform density and no cavity inside. It has excellent insulation and heat insulation. With a deep concave and convex groove structure, each plate is connected with each other, and has good strength whether as a wallboard or a ceiling plate. The reinforcement of wallboard and structure, the connection of roof and wallboard, the lifting of ceiling plate and frame are equipped with special assembly accessories and special forms to ensure that the cold storage is airtight and firm and safe.
Applicable to large-scale cold storage project, the project image beautiful, excellent insulation performance, cost-effective。
This kind of panel is suitable for 5cm and 7.5cm Pu library boards.