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Digital Thermometers
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Product name : Digital Thermometers
Product No. : DST-50
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Digital Thermometers DST-50


Elitech DST-50 Digital Thermometers  Solar energy power supply, easy operation, big LCD display screen, small size. Suitable for various refrigerant equipments such as refrigerant cabinet and display cabinet
Technical parameters:
Power supply: solar battery panel and LR44 battery
Temperature measuring range:
-50℃~150℃  (when temperature >80℃ or <-20℃,need to custom sensor wire); -58℉~+302℉
Resolution: 0.1
Accuracy: ±1℃( -20℃-- +80℃); ±3℃(-50℃—-20℃,+80℃—+150℃)
Test period: 10 seconds
Operating temperature: -10℃~60℃
Storage temperature: -20℃~70℃
Anti-interference level: level two
Mounting size: 46.2(W) * 26.7(H) (mm)
Product size: 66.5(W) * 31.7 (H) * 19 (D) (mm)